Committed to Supporting Dam Removal

We are working to remove dams that no longer serve a useful purpose in order to restore natural watershed and riverine function, reduce flood risk, increase community resiliency, and improve fish habitat and overall ecological integrity. We accomplish this through our policy, science and dam removal project work.


As individual organizations, we support and advocate for sound policies that protect river health and ensure dam safety for people and communities.


We incorporate science based research and data to inform much of our work. Whether we are screening dams for ecological impacts or implementing best mitigation practices in our dam removals, our projects are informed by river scientists, fish biologists, and the greater conservation science community.

One Dam At a Time

19 Dams have been removed in the past 20 years.
We support the acceleration of derelict dam removals in our state.

Check out our projects

East Burke Dam

East Burke, VT

Cold Brook Dam

Wilmington, VT

Franconia Paper Mill

Wells River, Groton

Dufresne Dam

Batten Kill River, Manchester

Sargent Osgood Roundy Dam

White River, Randolph

Groton #9 Dam

Wells River, Groton