Dufresne Dam, Batten Kill River, Manchester

Dam Description:  263 feet long X 12 feet high / earthfill and concrete


illustrationA dam had blocked this section of the Batten Kill River since 1868. The newest dam structure dated back to the early 20th century. When the Vermont Dept. of Fish and Wildlife acquired the dam in 1956, they created public access and stocked the 13-acre impoundment with trout for a put-and-take fishery. By the mid-1990s, the dam began to leak and concerned about safety state engineers assessed the dam’s condition and several repair and removal options. In the end, dam removal was found to be the least expensive solution. Aside from the put-and-take fishery, the dam served no other flood control or energy production purposes and was successfully removed in September 2013.

Since the removal, the following benefits have been realized:

Partners: VDFW (owner), Vermont DEC (project manager), USFWS, American Rivers, Town of Manchester, TU Southwestern Vermont Chapter

Funding: USFWS and state capital appropriation