Franconia Paper Mill Dam


franconia3Removal of the partially breached Franconia Paper Mill dam restored the natural river habitat to free-flowing conditions, improved water quality and sediment transport, restored the river channel, increased and improved fish and wildlife access to spawning habitat and cold water refuge for resident Eastern brook trout.  CRWC and their partners began work in 2013, including grant writing and engineering design plans.  Removal of this dam in 2014 opened 8 miles of cold water habitats in the upper Wells River watershed.

Since the removal, the following benefits have been realized:

Partners: The State of Vermont, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Town of Groton.

Funding: The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the State of Vermont, USFWS, Patagonia, Trout Unlimited, and American Rivers/Keurig Green Mountain Coffe.