Sargent Osgood Roundy Dam, White River, Randolph

Dam Description: The dam is a 5-foot high, 80-foot long metal sheet pile dam with portions of old timber crib and concrete.

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Since the late 1800’s this particular site has hosted several dams. The first mill produced spruce butter tubs and then later a foundry produced farm equipment. The original dam, as well as the gristmill immediately upstream, were damaged during the spring flood of 1925. A new log and crib dam was constructed at the location of the old gristmill just upstream of the bridge. Two years later, the dam and the bridge were destroyed in the 1927 flood. The bridge was rebuilt, but the dam was not.

The current structure, located at the approximate site of the original foundry dam, was built sometime in the 1940s to provide scour protection for the post-1927 bridge piers. That bridge was replaced in 2007 with a new structure that no longer required the scour protection provided by the dam.

The removal will open up over 88 miles of river habitat.

Partners: White River Partnership, The Nature Conservancy, American Rivers

Funding: Project design and construction funding is from multiple sources including: the Upper Connecticut Mitigation and Enhancement Fund, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Trout Unlimited/Embrace-a-Stream, The Davis Conservation Foundation, Vermont Watershed Grant, Greater Upper Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited/White River Open.