Groton #9 Dam, Wells River, Groton

Dam Description: 120 ft. wide X 13 ft. high


IMG_4834CRWC and their partners removed this deadbeat dam in summer 2015. The dam was built in the early 1900’s for hydropower, but was wiped out by the 1927 flood and never used again. So, for nearly 90 years, this old dam was blocking fish passage and sediment transfer, as well as being a safety hazard for river users (fishers, paddlers and swimmers). CRWC secured grant funding and private donations (including from the dam owner – Green Mountain Power), worked with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on engineering, and hired a local contractor to remove nearly 600 tons of concrete, metal and debris. Fish passage was achieved immediately when one small fish found the flowing water during deconstruction, and a nice sized trout was spooked upstream during post-construction monitoring. This project opened up 34 miles of river habitat for fish.

Since the removal, the following benefits have been realized:

Partners: CRWC, USFWS, VT F&W, Green Mtn. Power (dam owner) & Town of Groton

Funding:  USFWS, NHCF (MEF grant), Green Mtn. Power, VT Watershed grant & Patagonia